Our Philosophy: With Woman at Every Step

Each of our providers has a profound belief in the transformative power of personalized care, deeply rooted in the midwifery tradition of being "with a woman."

Our philosophy extends beyond physical health, embracing the mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being of each woman we have the privilege to support.

Where Midwifery Meets Mental Health – A Unique Path to Well-Being

We understand that women need care that goes beyond the physical. Our providers, dual-certified in midwifery and mental health, stand by your side, offering personalized support tailored to your unique life experiences and challenges. We believe in a holistic approach, ensuring that your mental and physical well-being are nurtured in unison.

Experience care that’s as unique as you are, and embark on a journey to health and well-being that respects the intricacies of your life.


Uncovering Your Unique Story

Your mental health journey is as distinctive as your fingerprint, shaped by a complex tapestry of life events and personal battles. With a blend of medical expertise and compassionate insight, our approach goes deeper, uncovering the underlying factors of your well-being.


At Women’s Mental Health Specialists, we craft each care plan with the warmth and dedication of a midwife’s touch, ensuring you feel understood and supported every step of the way.

Your treatment plan may include:


Navigating Your Mental Health Journey With Confidence With Our Providers

Unique Expertise

Our dual-certified team in midwifery and mental health brings a comprehensive approach to your care, blending physical and emotional wellness in a way that’s rare and impactful.

Personalized Care

Every woman's journey is distinct. Our care plans are deeply customized to fit your unique story, challenges, and strengths, ensuring you feel genuinely supported and understood.

Beyond Presence

Our "with woman" philosophy means more than just being there. It’s about a deep commitment to empathetic, tailored support that respects and honors your individual journey.

Are You Ready to Start Your Path to a Healthier & More Empowered You?

What Our Patients Are Saying

Stephanie is wonderful. She is holistic in her approach, and I have felt listened to since day one. My mental health has improved substantially since being under Stephanie’s care.

Meghann H

Laura is so awesome! I had my first consult with her and I already feel like I’m in good hands! I’m so thrilled to be working with a psychiatrist specializing in women’s mental health! She’s super supportive, friendly, and knowledgeable! I’m so grateful to be working with her!!!

Maegan P

I am extremely grateful for my experience with Stephanie Sweeny. As my 3rd psychiatrist due to insurance changes and relocating, she stands out as the most caring, detail-oriented, and attentive professional. Her genuine concern for my well-being is evident, and she takes pride in providing a level of care that goes beyond simply prescribing medication and making a buck. She is committed to ensuring her patients truly get better, and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of a compassionate and dedicated psychiatrist.


I had a wonderful session with Laura the first time we talked. She made me feel very comfortable and let me talk as a friend would. I think she is going to be a perfect match for me. I am a lot for one person deal with.

Debi O

Highly recommend Stephanie and her practice. Down to earth, great listener, and allows you to be involved in your care. Changing to Stephanie’s practice was the best decision ever! Mike is amazing with helping with scheduling and assisting. All around, great team! Thank you!

Amy G